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Creating something new.

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Creating something new.

As a parent, I remember how drastically my priorities shifted as soon as I became a "mummy". For me (and I know for many others), my life's purpose became ensuring that my little child has a life that is as successful as possible.

However, even though we all know we want our children to have a "good" and "successful" life, I often hear parents confused about exactly what that means. Still more mind-numbing can be figuring out how we guide our little humans towards a successful life.

The pursuit for a successful life for our children can often be all-consuming. It sometimes feels like a mad rush to enroll our children in as many classes as possible - dance class, piano lessons, swimming lessons and some other sport to ensure they have every possible advantage and can always be their best possible version.

However, as some-one who has spent the better part of their life educating children, I know that the secret to a successful life for our children is much simpler than what we have been led to believe. The one value that we need to instill in our children is the ability to persevere.

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10 July, 2023

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